February 21, 2011

People are fake, aren't they? aren't we?

Sometimes we better know nothing than know anything about what people think or even they do and talk behind us. For some reasons, their opinion is good for ourselves. It made us realize about our weaknesses that we had previously overlooked. But for other reasons, knowing beyond what can we hear would really hurt. It not only reduces our respects to people who talks about us behind our backs, but could also spur something worse like hateful and negative thinking to others. I assure you, none of us never did such dreadful thing. Even the nicest people did that sometimes. I mean it was all a facade. We smile in front of them, but when they aren't with us, we talk about them.
So, just ignore them. Let their good advice work on us, but the rest which isn't important, just forget it and try to forgive people's mistake. Because nobody is perfect. We make mistakes, we are annoying. Really, what do you expect from imperfect humans?

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