March 19, 2011

Make the skinny looser

Hey, dudes!
Last week was a crazy week, so I couldn't keep posting in a week. Well, actually there are lots of things that I really want to share with you. And one of them is about doing something new. I dare you to try something new or else that you don't ever want to try before. It could be anything, like starting to wake up earlier in the morning and move your body to do with sports you like, go to the museum instead of mall in the weekend, cut off your hair as short as Emma Watson's and many more..   

So did I, dared myself to wear something more "loose" than ever. Lately I have been thinking to ease up on wearing skinny jeans and legging. Contrariwise, make myself usual with harem pants, not-really-skinny pants, maxi dress and long skirt. 
Honestly, I don't really like wearing them before. Because I thought, they will make me look more mature than usual (you can call like "ibu-ibu"). Then, I have never broken the habit.

But I realize, as a muslimah, or hijaber, I should wearing them in lieu of skinny jeans and legging. My thought has been changed as I saw there are many young hijabers out there wearing maxi dress, skirt and other baggy stuffs, and they look absolutely stunning on those stuffs. Since then, there is a little bit shame inside me. Deep down in my brain I can hear a little voice calling out, "they can wear it on the right way, so, why don't you?"  

Usually I don't care with other people's eyes, talks and thoughts when they see me wearing legging or tights. But now, I'm thinking twice for it. And I'm about to start wearing something baggy now.

I'm looking at myself when I'm wearing it. Whoaa. This baggy stuff fitted on me. Wholly. Nothing wrong with that. I should wearing it more often since now! Buuutttt, I won't make any promise if I never wear legging or tights anymore. Nopeee. I will still keep them in my closet and wear them sometimes. But, I promise I will wear them precisely and wisely. Wish me luck, okay!

Jumpsuit : Pasar Jumat ITB. Stripe Outwear : The Secret. Clogs : Ruby. 
Bag : Zara. Perfume : Marc Jacobs.

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