April 05, 2011

I looovveeeee doing a smart shopping!

This is the second fashion item that I got in Mekkah. A pair of clogs and tights from Topshop!
Like I told you before, I never had any intention to do shopping. I even knew that there was a big mall called Abraj Al Bait on my second days in Mekkah.

At first, I just want to check out the collections and prices if there any differences between Topshop in Mekkah and the ones we have in Indonesia. Well, the collection is more up-to-date, but the prices isn't any different with ours, as expensive as we have. So, I encage my intention to buy anything there.

Then suddenly my eyes seized a shelf which was written on the top of the shelf, "ALL SALE". There weren't much things, only three kind of shoes, this clogs, long leather boots and another kind of clogs, and also any kind of tights, belts and jeans. And I only interested with this clogs and the gray tights. Oh, do you want to know how much did this pair of clogs cost? only SR 25 or equal to IDR 62.500! How could I let it through?       


  1. kalo boleh tau disana ada fashion store apa aja ya selain topshop? abraj al bait itu sama aja zamzam tower kan? maaf banyak tanya :D

  2. iyaa, abraj al bait dan zamzam tower itu sama kok.. waktu saya kesana sih seinget saya ada Next, H&M, Marks & Spencer juga.

  3. hi mau tanya di top shop nya ada make up accessories nya ga? thx x

    1. enggak ada.. cuma clothing aja disanaa.

    2. kayaknya sekarang udah ada sis, mohon ijin copy image diatas ya. Thank's