Get Featured: (Freelance) Photographer for Time Out London

I was so surprised yet nervous when Time Out Magazine London chose me as one of their freelance photographers for their reader-generated issue in last August. They asked me to shoot a restaurant in London, The Oak, including the interior and food. To be fair, I've never been much of a fan of food photography. When it comes to photography, I love to shoot subjects that have hidden meanings than their "surface" that perhaps other people would not have seen or thought of. Thus, I don't really like taking photograph of something fix like food. For me, regardless of whatever angle I choose, food is only food and will only be food. It won't change the meaning behind them. Anyway, I'm glad I got the chance to take food photos which are things that I rarely shoot.

I never thought that food photography would be that difficult especially in a restaurant. I need to be able to shoot quickly as (unfortunately) the restaurant didn't give me a time to take pictures of the food once it was ready; I had to move fast from one section to others because there are several different 'sections' (e.g., general food, pizza, drink) which I must take photos of each section at the same time; I was scolded by the chef because he felt annoyed with me for taking photograph when he cook and prepare the food; I must take pictures of customers but make sure that they are not bothered by me. In the end, there is one thing I can conclude without a doubt, that taking food photograph (especially in a restaurant) is really not me. Apart from that, I still had fun and enjoy it. Thanks a bunch, Time Out Magazine London, for giving me this experience of being photographer for food and restaurant. I also want to say thank you to my friend, Achalasa, for lending me her DSLR camera.