June 28, 2010

Each of us have our own way of making this life more meaningful. For me, it will be much more meaningful if we aren't afraid of doing everything (in a good way, actually) to get as much experience as possible. The success won't come unless we move out from our comfort zone. Well, I'm kind of typical person who easily get bored to do the similar activities in the same places. I don't really understand with the people who spend their whole days with doing the same kind of things...always take a part in every same kind event, thinking hard about the activities in one of the organization that I've taken a part..or spend their summer holiday to do everything new but watch the dvds, do the shopping from one mall to another one, sleeping all day long, and the other sort of boring activities. Anyhow, those are their own decisions which totally none of my business, huh?? so, let's not talk about it anymore.

Summer holiday is such a great time to explore many things you've never done yet before and hardly do on your daily days. I've already make some plans during this summer holiday, in order to not let it go in vain.
  • Doing the exercise routinely
I rather do the exercise at the gym. The only thing I do is using the treadmill for 30 minutes and after wards going back home. It's influencing me a lot, actually. Since I'm routinely doing the exercise, I feel stronger and barely feel tired. That's the main thing why I really love doing the exercise, even though it hasn't got much loser my weight. *huehee*
  • Go around the city with Rhapsy, Sacey and Nikon D3000
Since I look the super-duper-amazing photographs up on Tumblr and Flickr, I always envy and impatiently waiting for the day when I can seize and keep every dazzling spot in the city through the eyes of Rhapsy, Sacey and Nikon. Starting from Jakarta Old City (oh yeah, we will surely get the 'sepeda ontel' down on the city!), Harbour Sunda Kelapa, Cafe Batavia (one of the coolest cafe in Jakarta. This is gonna be my forth times of visiting. Still, I never get bored), Museum Prasasti (the prettiest grave in this whole city. It must be nice to take some picture there. I even have some concept for Nikon to change the point of view about the grave, from scary to be dainty. Talking about the interesting places in Jakarta, there are plenty of cafes that would be nice for your DSLR. Oh my, those are absolutely gonna shake my boredom away!
  • Baking a cake
One of my wishes in this year is making a blueberry cheese cake by myself. What do you expect to someone who never make a tart in her whole life? Yeah, what humiliating am I, huh? (hmm, actually I've about three times made brownies, pancake and poffertjes. But, we aren't called them as a tart, are we?).
At the first, I would make a blueberry cheese cake with the recipe from Fia (who already tried to make it with her sister) by myself. Until, she said that she lost the recipe. How can I make it by myself, after all? So, I've decided to have a baking course in Jakarta. aaahh, I just can't wait to make it and see if I have a talent in sort of baking things. ;)

  • Do-It-Myself Project : Statement Necklace
By the time I went to Pasar Baru with Manda, were looking for the things we need for our business, we found a small shop which sells a thousand of beautiful things that make us couldn't stand up for a while. too dazzled with those things that everyone need to make the DIY Project goes perfectly. 
Since that time, I always wonder if I can make my own statement necklace. Hopefully, I can make it true in this holiday.
  • Attending some extra ordinary events in the city!
Thank God, there are plenty of interesting yet ordinary events in this sparkling city. starting from Recital Piano, Jakarta Fair, Indonesia International Circus Festival, Brightspot Market, etc. 
therefore, why I still need Singapore to brighten my days if I can get it in Jakarta? 
* the most reason why I would love to attend those ordinary events is the newly different atmosphere that you can feel, besides the pollution and crowd in Jakarta. Also, you never get wrong to wear the clothes that you afraid it can be "too much" if you wear it in your daily days.    
  • Give your hands to others
Often, people were being too focused on their bustles. on the other day, when their obligation was done, they just wanna having fun. yeah, mostly, we are being too focused on ourselves, our activities, our places we stayed and people around us, and forgot about the other sides of the world. forgot about the fact
outside of our visions. still, there are much people who really need our hands. 
If you cannot spare much of your daily times and also you don't have much money for shared, there is still the way for you to make your hands more useful. Here there are ; 
teach the poor children (if you doubt to do it by yourself, you can join the non-profit organization in your city which concerning about it), be a volunteer in an orphanage house, join the non-profit organization which concern in things you like (example, if you more concern about the environment, you can choose Greenpeace, Walhi, WWF, etc. or if you more concern about the children, you can join UNICEF) and many more. 
It's not easy, though. But you can start it with the littlest thing when you have your own spare time. 
Let's expanding our happiness to the world :) 

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