I'm Nazura, a 26 year-old Indonesian lady who has been working as a junior lecturer at University of Indonesia, and currently undertaking a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I love blogging for the sake of keeping some memories alive in my mind and sharing my perspective on the world and the life that I have been living in. 

I am not the person who easily express my feelings through voice and faceInstead, I love to convey my feelings through words and express myself through the outfit that I wear. I post the photos of my outfit not in a "here are my branded expensive items I have". But in a "here are the best secondhand clothes and vintage stuffs that I bought at local markets or thrift stores for a price lower than the food you eat" way.

Photography is the easiest mood-booster for me. It is not only able to bring back the past to the present, but also the way to show the world to other people. Through photography I've learned to pay more attention to the hidden beauty of the things around me. Details, nature, people with their activities, decoration and fashion, are my major interests when taking photographs.

I love traveling to places I haven't seen yet. For me, traveling is much beyond marking the world's map, taking pictures in every corner of the place, or showing off to other people. Indeed, I consider it as one of the ways to get the answer of the never-ending questions that always pop into my mind about the world, people, life and even about my true self. Through traveling, I am also fulfilling my desire for adventure and to learn about other cultures. For the last two years I have been finding myself becoming more and more addicted to do solo traveling.