Baru saja berakhir hujan di sore ini. Menyisakan keajaiban, kilauan indahnya pelangi.  Tak pernah terlewatkan dan tetap mengaguminya. Kesempatan seperti ini tak akan bisa di beli. Bersamamu kuhabiskan waktu, senang bisa mengenal dirimu.  Rasanya semua begitu sempurna.. sayang untuk mengakhirinya. Janga…

Falling For Fall

Shirt: New Look. Jumper: Forever 21. Coat: New Look.  Skinny: Red Herring. Bag: River Island. Shoes: Arizona.

Autumn Leaves

If I could ask for one more season in Indonesia, it would be autumn. I remember being in love with it ever since I was a little girl. When I knew that Indonesia doesn't have autumn, I covered my disappointment by telling myself that we have autumn whenever leaves fall down from their trees. Bu…
Enjoy every moment you have. Because in life, there are no rewinds, only flashbacks. 


Six Days (Solo Traveling) in England

Whitby, Yorkshire

York, Yorkshire
Chatsworth, Derbyshire

Whitby, Yorkshire

York, Yorkshire
On the way to Whitby from Pickering

The Beatles Story, Liverpool

From Pickering to Whitby (North Yorkshire)
York, Yorkshire

One More Showery Day In London

Jumper: H&M. Collar shirt: vintage Next. Skirt: vintage. Cape: vintage American Apparel.  Tights: H&M. Belt: River Island. Shoes: Arizona. Bag: River Island. Glove: Primark.

Cotton Castle & Fairy Chimneys

I know I've been posting about Turkey for too long. It's not because I don't have any other interesting things to talk about.. I just can't start doing something new without finishing what I've started. So here is my last post about Turkey which I've kept for my most favori…