Cotton Castle & Fairy Chimneys

I know I've been posting about Turkey for too long. It's not because I don't have any other interesting things to talk about.. I just can't start doing something new without finishing what I've started. So here is my last post about Turkey which I've kept for my most favorite places in this country, Pamukkale and Cappadocia.

Before you scroll down the page and wonder why people didn't wear layers of clothes and ski boots while they walk on the white icy look of the hill, I need to remind you that we are not talking about the Alps. From a distance, it sure does look like a huge cotton pile made from ice. But in fact, I felt warm instead of cold, as it is actually a hot spring with warm water running down it. If you visit this place, just make sure you take a walk down the hill. The panoramic views along the way will easily take your breath away. And one more thing, try to find the best day to visit when there will be sunshine all day and not too many tourists.  


Please don't get bored of this city because I keep writing it for several times. Not only it has the best view from the top of hot air balloon, but it also looks quite impressive with its grand lunar-like landscape and caves, the history about how people built churches and houses from the stones (I assume that Flintstones's creator was inspired by this city) and, of course, their unique geological features called fairy chimneys! Needles to say, you absolutely need to put it on your bucket list. 'Til next time, Cappadocia! x.