September 30, 2017

A Little Update

So finally, here I am again! After a month of holding my breath every time I got new emails from Blogspot, giving me notification of new comments on some old posts; or when I saw some new posts popped up on my reading list, which came from other bloggers; or when I got messages from my readers, telling me that they have been waiting for my new posts. It was all painful, to tell you the truth. But I guess, it was also a wake-up call, cause I never realised until recently that blogging has a significant impact on my mental health. During the past month, when I didn't write anything on my blog, I felt like there was something missing in my life which made me feel less alive. I know it sounds overly dramatic, but I eventually understand that blogging is much more than a hobby or an activity where I can express my thoughts and feelings. Indeed, blogging can also be the most effective and easy way for me to escape reality by entering my own world; which sometimes, is all I need.

I don't know how many attempts I've already made to write a few thoughts on my mind. The bittersweet memories of living in Bandung for three months. Some deep and thoughtful conversations with some people. More #ROH posts. My travel stories in Berlin, Vienna, Portugal, and Spain, which have been delayed for quite long enough. My short stay in Semarang where I met some kind-hearted people. But in fact, I didn't write any of those thoughts, simply because I just couldn't. As much as my mind and my soul begging me to sit down and start writing, there were times when my body and mood turned down after some long, tiring days of collecting my research data. And by the time I had the urge to write, my laptop suddenly turned off, all the data was erased (fortunately I was prepared for that so I already backed up the data), and the USB ports stop working. Around the same time when it all happened, I was hectic with my preparation to go back to the R town and also flat moving. 

September is surely a busy and tough month, but I'm so grateful that I finally passed through it. I finished my data collection. I'm all settled in and love my new flat. I have a new, well-functioning laptop. I still have time to write this post despite my busy schedule and so many deadlines, even though I wish I could tell you more stories and give you more pictures. Oh well, I hope it won't take long for me to publish other posts :)