You see the changes in things that come It's how you deal with it Make a decision, a precondition We got the choice if it all goes wrong We walk, we walk, we walk, we walk
The Ting Tings - We Walk

Color On the Walls

Bow Top : H by Henry Holland. Peach Short Sleeve Shirt : Pasar Senen.  Long Black Cardigan : Next. Pink Belt : Pasar Senen.  Glasses Ring : London Market. Nude Wedges : Zara. Black Pants : ITC Kuningan. 
Special thanks to my sister, Gladyzka, for taking these pictures

Another Way To Describe Indonesia

I've just checked out one of my favourite travel websites, Travelettes, and I found these very beautiful photos of our beloved country that taken by Hengki Koentjoro . You can see at the first glance that they certainly are a gorgeous way to see another breathtaking view of Indonesia. So, plea…
You have to be your best friend. And I was lucky to become my very best friend. That gave me so much strength. No matter what happens - the ups, the downs, the this, the that - I'm always with me.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Worth The Wait :)

I kept this post as a draft for several months since I got the final approval on my postgraduate application in Bournemouth University. I decided not to post it until I get the good news on the scholarship application. Well, I'm one of those people who can't easily make a quick decision to…

It (Seems Like) The Hogwarts Express

Before you expect -and before you even begin trying to expect- to see a piece of Hogwarts Express in this post, I should tell you that I've never ridden it. But it doesn't mean either that I'm tricking you with the title. I did actually ride the train, the fancy one. It's named &qu…

Three More Months

Another month has passed and now we're nearly halfway through the year. I can say that June is one of the most important months for me because there are some meaningful announcements in this month. That's why now I'm filled with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. My excitement needs …