Worth The Wait :)

I kept this post as a draft for several months since I got the final approval on my postgraduate application in Bournemouth University. I decided not to post it until I get the good news on the scholarship application. Well, I'm one of those people who can't easily make a quick decision to study abroad with my own money. I make the visibility even more difficult when I choose UK, one of the top countries with the highest cost of living, as my study destination. Hence, my plan to study abroad this year pretty much depends on the scholarship.

I don't know if it just happens on me, but it takes a long time and requires a lot of patience to get to the finish line. Over the past six months I've been struggling to fill my days with only consisted of catching up on the plan to get a master's degree this year. It becomes harder with plenty of downfalls I've been through. If I didn't encourage myself to not throw a monkey wrench right into the middle of what I'm trying to accomplish, it's really easy to kill my focus and ruin all the plans.

Now I arrive at the finish line and prepare to make a fresh start in life. Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful for all the sacrifices I've made. Somehow, it reminded me how every rain will eventually pass and I just gotta keep on going whenever my path gets complex. Bismillah for the new life ahead :)


  1. ozuuu, pas lg googling red velvet jd nemu blog kamu, trus jd baca2 & nemu postingan inii
    congratulation ozuuu!!!! alhamdulillah semuanya berbuah manis yaaa. ikutan seneng bangeeet nih \(^o^)/

  2. Aaaa bhellaaa kok bs pas gitu yaa haha. Iyaa alhamdulillaah. Makasii yaa bheeell. Jd dong nihh kita ketemuan di eropa ntar hahahhaa :p

  3. sooo pastiiiih. jelajah yurop yes

  4. salam dek, i read ur blog and im amazed.
    kakak juga lagi nunggu beasiswa dikti utk Ph.D soalnya. huhu doakann...
    Tapi kayanya ga bisa apply mei ini, krn masih approach profesor di US dan nunggu toefl...

    bagi2 tips ya dek, anyway im so proud of u!!! :)
    congrats yaaaa

  5. hallo, salam kenal jugaa. makasii ya mbaak buat ucapan selamatnya hehe.
    insya Allah dilancarkan yaa mbaakk persiapan kuliahnyaa. tetep semangatttt! :)
    iyaa, nanti insya Allah aku share tips and trick buat kuliah dan dpt beasiswanya di blog, cm belum tau kapan nih hehe. oh iyaa, kalo ada yang mau ditanyain terkait dikti, sok aja ya mbaa, silahkan ditanya2 disini hehe.


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