It (Seems Like) The Hogwarts Express

Before you expect -and before you even begin trying to expect- to see a piece of Hogwarts Express in this post, I should tell you that I've never ridden it. But it doesn't mean either that I'm tricking you with the title. I did actually ride the train, the fancy one. It's named "kereta wisata Toraja". A quick glance around the aisle of the train will remind you a bit of the Hogwarts Express. At least, it was my sister's opinion and mine. The train was exclusively made for tourist or people who want to have a different way to enjoy the trip from Jakarta to Purwokerto.

The name of the train doesn't mean anything to Toraja except for the train's decoration that indicates Toraja's culture with its unique patterns hanging around the train. Because both train destination and service itself are not related to it. Despite the fact that it only has one room which is filled with a table and two comfortable couches (yeah, they should add more rooms), the rest of the things in Toraja Train like a mini bar, a television and 22 seats for other passangers, satisfy me. The five hours trip was great and everyone's all full of excitement about it.