My Secret Garden

I shouldn't have written this post nor show the pictures to you cause I would probably regret this, uncovering a secret place which has also (already) been my most favorite restaurant in Bandung, but I couldn't help myself from not sharing it with you. It's just too good to stay hidden (though in my deepest heart, I wish this place will always be as quite and as relaxing as the last time i went there). The first time I stepped my foot into this place, I never expected to fall so completely in love with it! The restaurant reminded me a lot about the ones I saw in rural districts in England which often look like fancy old houses with big yards and filled with tons of cute decoration stuffs. I enjoyed seeing it again for the first time in a long while! Not so surprising therefore that I even didn't get bored to go around this place several times and take pictures of almost every corner of it, as there are lovely things to see everywhere I look. Especially the one with the birdcages, the white fences and green grasses, I guess I've become obsessed with them to a really bad degree!

Lucky for me, even though it was Sunday afternoon where other restaurants were most likely busy and crowded, there were only a few people in this restaurant. I don't know if I just came at the right time, or if the place was known by only a few people (if so, I feel more sorry for spreading it). As I have mentioned on the title, this restaurant is literally located in a secret place somewhere in Ciumbuleuit. There's no sign that guides us until we arrived in front of a place which looks more like a house than a restaurant. But don't worry, you won't get lost. The restaurant is near from the main road of Ciumbuleuit which makes it easy to be find. For more information, you can see it on the last picture on this post. 


  1. Bagusssssssss bgd lokasinyaaa

    Untuk makanannya sendiri gmn mbak? Recommended nggak ? *gakmau rugi* hehehe

  2. Iyaa emang bikin gemesss tempatnya! sayangnya waktu itu aku cuma nyobain minumannya ajaa. tapi minumannya oke kokkk, harusnya sih makanannya pun juga oke yaa X)

  3. waaa,,,kereeeennn...
    range harganya brp dsana?
    ada colokan jg ga? hheehe

  4. Beberapa hari yang lalu saya kesana.. tetapi sayang sekali sudah tutup, berdasarkan info yang saya dapat sudah tutup 4 bulan yang lalu.


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