13 Reasons To Love Perth (Part Two)

• Seeing Kangaroos In The Wild
I'll start this second part with an important feature of Australia which many associate with the country. And it's none other than... Kangaroo! Those cute creatures are what everyone wants to hold, especially, if like me you've never seen kangaroos, it re…

Being Vulnerable

Hari ini tepat seminggu sejak saya sakit dan dipaksa untuk bedrest, walaupun tetep aja akhirnya curi - curi keluar rumah karena enggak bisa tahan kebosanan di atas kasur. Salah satu adegan curi - curi itu adalah hari Minggu sore kemarin, ketika saya diundang ke sebuah gathering kecil yang mirip de…

Art Museum

Outerwear: Thrifted (Pasar Gedebage). Stripe Top: Thrifted (Pasar Senen). Bag: Long Champ. Pants: Pull & Bear. Shoes: Unbranded.

13 Reasons To Love Perth (Part One)

Traveling to Perth may not be so comforting to people who expect to see a busy metropolitan city and those who don't have/rent a private car. Like many other small cities, most shops close at 5pm and the streets are so empty after dawn (and also every Sundays). Even though it is generally a sa…


You don't know but that's okay You might find me anyway Don't you know that I  Belong arm in arm with you, baby In a town that's cold and gray  We will have a sunny day Don't you know that I  Belong arm in arm with you, baby
Raindrops - Regina Spektor