September 17, 2010

She's pretty.
Although she's older than me, she's shorter than me.
She has a younger face,though ;(
She taught me to be a fashionable person.
Her mind is full of unique, creative ideas that not anyone could thought of .
She is one of my siblings that I often had fight with.
On the other side, she is the best and the most lovely sibling I've ever had.
She is adorable, yet enviable.
She is a good mother. Really.
She is a good multitasker.
She's on her way to reach her dreams.
She is Puti Ceniza Sapphira.

I'm gonna miss you sist!
Good luck :)

September 13, 2010


living life is like riding the roller-coaster.
sometimes we living on the peak,
when everything is going perfectly as we planned,
when the desire is increasing,
when we feel very grateful for having such a wonderful life.

then the roller-coaster is still running, running and running...
until we see the bottom of the roller-coaster trackway.
suddenly, everything seems blurry, dizzy and confusing,
until you don't wanna keep your eyes open.
all you want to do is close your eyes tightly and open it when everything is going back to normal.

but then,
you have just realized,
if you just close your eyes,
it won't make anything better,
it won't make you reach your dreams punctually,
you will lose many good chances in life,
and the worst part is,
you will get stuck in your blindness.

September 12, 2010



Grey dress : Xsml. Brown belt : Gaudi. Knit legging : Flashy. Heels : Zara. Cardigan : Monday to Sunday.

September 11, 2010

1 Syawal 1431 H

Dress : Hunting Fields
Heels : Zara

2 Syawal 1431 H

Jumpsuit : Gaudi. Bag : Longchamp. Necklace : Made in Indonesia. Shoes : Geox

Happy Ied Everyone! :)

September 04, 2010

belt : Pasar Senen. pants : Cotton On. bag : Zara. shoes : Aldo

foto ini diambil waktu buka puasa tahun lalu.
yap, tahun ini kita enggak puasa bareng deh. hehe
dan enggak kerasa, udah beberapa bulan juga kita enggak jalan bareng lagi.
setiap hari ketemu sih di kampus,
tapi karena kesibukan kita masing-masing,
ngobrol, cerita dan ketemu hanya bisa dilakukan di kampus aja.
kangen banget jalan sambil cerita, menggosip dan melakukan girls' things bareng kalian.
pokoknya, setelah semua kesibukan ini beres,
kita main-main lagi yaaa Raisa Annastasia dan Anissa Chairudea :)