Tanpa Judul

pertanyaan - pertanyaan itu kembali muncul. kehadirannya sama seperti sebelumnya, tiba - tiba mampir begitu saja untuk mengusik ketenanganku. datang tanpa diundang, datang tanpa diharapkan. kali ini mereka bukan hanya satu, tetapi banyak. bukan hanya sesekali, tetapi hampir setiap saat. doa, cokela…

Under The Dusty Miller

Blazer: Miss Selfridge. Skirt: vintage Marks & Spencer.  Scarf, Bag: vintage. Shoes: Topshop.

A Tale of Solo Traveler

Many people keep asking me about my interest on solo traveling. Why I love traveling alone, and even become addicted to it. Dangerous, lonely, and many other bad perception towards solo traveling are known. It seems like to travel by yourself would feel pointless.Here I will try to answer for those…

Get Featured in Teen Vogue

I never expected to be chosen as one of the luckiest readers who has a chance to get featured on my favorite magazine's website. Thank you Teen Vogue :)

Bring Back Summertime

Scarf: Uniqlo. Dress and Cardigan : Primark. Necklace: Topshop. Legging and Sandals: Marks & Spencer. Bag: Coach.

Up Above The World

I don't remember since when I develop a massive fascination with hot air balloon. But there's one thing I know for sure, I have become obsessed with it to a really bad degree since I was a kid. I found myself jealous of Sherina as I watched one of her video clips, Balon Udara, which showed…
You can't always be nice. That's how people take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to set boundaries.

Ritu Ghatourey

An Unexpectedly Amazing Week in Turkey

I always thought it would be easy to post some photos and stories on the blog right after I come back from traveling. Until I do some trips and I realize that it is such a difficult task as I have to select and edit the photos as well as thinking about the stories I want to tell. It is even more d…