October 04, 2013

An Unexpectedly Amazing Week in Turkey

I always thought it would be easy to post some photos and stories on the blog right after I come back from traveling. Until I do some trips and I realize that it is such a difficult task as I have to select and edit the photos as well as thinking about the stories I want to tell. It is even more difficult since I have lots of things to do besides blogging. So I finally decided to postpone posting long travel stories and indeed keeping my excitement about Turkey since last May. 

Making the decision to travel to Turkey is the most sudden one that I have ever made in my life. Although riding a hot air balloon in Cappadocia had always been on my things to do before I die list, Turkey was not that high on my list of priorities. Then it came as no surprise when I refused my friend when she asked me to accompany her to Turkey, and also because at that time I already had a plan to travel to other places. But then I changed my thought after the second time she ask me to go and at that time she also mentioned that she would not only go to Istanbul but other places as well including Cappadocia and Pamukkale, two places that make me fall in love from the first time I saw pictures of them. So after that, without any doubt I accept the offer to go to Turkey only less than two weeks before me and my friend went there.

To be honest, I didn't put high expectation on this trip because me and my friend joined a tour, which I assume from the beginning that it won't be that adventurous and memorable for me as we will only visit touristic places. But it turned out to be surprisingly great as the places we visit are beyond amazing. Glorious mountains, lovely kids, a unique mixture of eastern and western culture, splendid mosques, delicious kebabs and simits. Even though I don't have much stories to share and moments to remember, I really hope someday I can visit it again and explore more places, try more local food, find more hidden gems, interact more with locals and of course, bring you more stories to tell.


  1. Kakak baru jalan" ke Turki ya? keren banget...... aku lihat fotonya berasa lagi di Turki jadinya.

  2. Engga, itu aku udah traveling dari beberapa bulan yang lalu kok. Aww makasih yaa, seneng deh dengernya :)