October 08, 2013

Up Above The World

I don't remember since when I develop a massive fascination with hot air balloon. But there's one thing I know for sure, I have become obsessed with it to a really bad degree since I was a kid. I found myself jealous of Sherina as I watched one of her video clips, Balon Udara, which showed that she got on a hot air balloon to cross over some countries. At that time, I strongly believed that she was flying with a real hot air balloon (now I realize how stupid I was as a ten-year-old girl). My interest with hot air balloon was even higher when I watched UP, one of my all-time favorite cartoons. Then no longer after that, I accidentally found a beautiful picture of hot air balloon in a place called Cappadocia and without expecting that I would ever do it in my life, I add it to my bucket list. Yeah, to be honest, I still cannot believe the chance to have my wish come true would come this fast. But well, as most people said, never lose your hopes and dreams because you never know when God answers your prayers :)  

We had an early morning ride so we went to the hot air balloon's base at around 5am

The crew were preparing hot air balloon

Everywhere I look is amazing eye candy. The colorful hot air balloons were flying above the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia.

Got a closer look at the other floating balloon

Glad that I was able to take this photograph from a long distance

Spotted the shadow of the balloon 

 Leave time to enjoy yourself. Don't spend all your time taking photographs (I know it's really hard, though). 

This is what I call "once in a life time experience"

"Langit biru, awan putih, terbentang indah lukisan yang kuasa. Kumelayang di udara, terbang dengan balon udaraku" (back sound: Sherina - Balon Udara)

We went up, up and away in the skies

Surprisingly, I felt no fear as I floated hundred feet above the Cappadoccia landscape 

Happiness, of course, was a complete certainty at that moment

Seems like our fellas wanna play hide and seek

Once the balloon has been landing

Can't forget the amount of awesomeness they were! 


  1. envy nih liat kamu naik balon udara, semoga aku juga ngrasain hihi

  2. @Erny: aamiin. semoga ada waktunya ya buat kamu nanti :)
    @unicha: aslinya jauhhhhh lebih lagi bagusnya Uuunnn