September 29, 2012

Camden & Portobello

I know it sounds lame to keep posting about London. But, hey, I'm definitely not going to talk about other things before I show you the markets. You will love this post especially if you are a die-hard fan of traditional markets, like I always am.

The stuffs I bought with satisfying price in both markets

The first market I had attended was Camden Market which is located in Camden Town. At the first glance, you would probably think that it looks more like an Asian market than England's. I can't find the exact words to say, but the stalls and some of the goods sold are very "Asian". I hope you can understand what I mean, but if you can't, just think about the stuffs in "Mangga Dua or Cihampelas Bandung", then you would understand. If you just keep walking down the street, you will see the "real" London market. Overall, I can say Camden Market is a nice one. But, it's kind of huge place with so many things sold, so prepare yourself to get lost there :p  

Map of Camden Town

They reminded me of the stalls along Cihampelas street in Bandung

No. They (the motorcycles) are not the real ones. 

Does anybody know where I can get that fancy shoes?

I woke up early last Saturday for attending another infamous market in London, the Portobello Road Market. Compared to Camden Market, I could feel more city's vibrant in Portobello. Somehow, the atmosphere reminded me of Christmas Market which I had attended in last December. I really enjoyed seeing and feeling it again for the first time in along while. Offering a variety of merchandise that includes clothes, antiques, decorations, posters, gems, foods to flowers, the market will give a glimpse of happiness for your day. Just look at the pictures below and you would understand how fascinating it is.

A street musician with an enchanting performance

The crowd that caught by my camera

September 26, 2012

Meeting L

Last weekend I went to London for some intentions like giving a report to Indonesian Embassy, meeting my cousin and friends who live there and also going round to some places which I didn't take a visit in last December. This time London gave me a warm welcome since there was sunshine all day long, so that I could still go outside until 10 pm. However, I only visited Victoria & Albert Museum, Piccadilly Circus, Portobello Road Market, Foyle's Bookstore and Camden Town. Three days in London were definitely not enough for me to visit all of the places on my itinerary.

Underground route board in Bayswater Station 

In front of Victoria & Albert Museum  

Fashion exhibition in V&A Museum

Even though the sun seemed to shine brighter than the last time I had seen it in couple months ago, I was feeling a little bit gloomy in my second visit. If you ask me why I can feel that way, I'm not even sure how this happened. Before I realized about this feeling, my cousin who lives there for couple months once told me that she's not that much into London. Even it's a very big city with a lot of people and most of them are very friendly, she still feels lonely and homesick almost everyday. At first, I was a bit shocked and disagree with her statement. I mean, London is a place that offers almost everything you might wish to see, but just right after I told her so, I began feel the same kind way as her and want to come back to Bournemouth as soon as I can.  

An afternoon in one of London's Park

Indonesian Embassy in London

Haven't seen London for almost ten months makes this city become unfamiliar again for me and my feelings towards it have completely changed. It's weird sometimes realizing that at one time you can feel so much in love with something, but as time goes by, all the feelings fade away. Maybe we just met at the wrong time or I'm so sick of big city where people seem always in a rush and full of stress or it's just not where I belong. I don't know which one is the major cause of this uneasy feeling, but there are still some things left to be desired like fascinating events, museums, markets and fashionable people which I don't get much in Bournemouth.

September 19, 2012

Home For Now

Hay! I'm sorry I abandoned the blog for almost 2 weeks. I really want to tell you how chaos my study preparation was in couple weeks ago, but because I was too busy to prepare everything, all I can do is only post some photos before and after I arrived in Bournemouth.

Frankly, I still cannot believe about this whole new world and begin to get uneasy about what I will face. It's annoying, but the satisfaction of having friendly flatmates, superb flat, impressive university, and of course, amazing place to live, reduces the stress to dust. Before I go any further, I think it's necessary to give you a brief introduction about Bournemouth, especially Poole (the small town which is the part of Bournemouth and located an hour from Bournemouth Town Centre), the place where I'm going to live for a year.

Bournemouth's location is on the south coast of England and it has a beach which is known as one of the best beaches in UK. Though I know it won't compete our beautiful beaches in Indonesia, but at least, it's the best one in here. And when I look around the town this afternoon, I can say that I'm very lucky to live here.

Poole is exactly the place that I've been dreaming of. Peaceful. Lovely. Near the beach, where I can smell the sea water, even looking at the sea through my window flat. The place where I don't need to spend too much money to swipe the stress away. Otherwise, all I have to do is only walking around the town since everywhere you look there is amazing eye candy or sitting on a bench in front of the sea while eating ice cream. Well, those may seem like little thing, but they bring volumes.

As a small town, Poole still has some attractive things to offer like supermarkets, a mall, cinema, art centre, restaurants, museum and some of famous brand stores. Anyhow, if you want to get more entertainment you should go to Bournemouth Town Centre since it has more things to offer. Well, I can't post photos in Bournemouth Town Centre because I haven't been there yet. Once after I go there, I will post some photos and give you another part of the place I call home :)