Take A Bow

Heart shirt : Pull & Bear. Skirt : New Look. Bow belt : Pasar Senen. Bag : Primark. Wedges : Zara. Bow ring : Accessorizes.

Sudut Kota Yogyakarta (Part One)

Accidentally found an art gallery near Grand Hyatt Hotel

Colorful pillows at Via-Via Restaurant

Snooping around the birdcages at PASTY (Pasar Satwa dan Tanaman Hias Yogyakarta)
 A Mt. Merapi view from the hotel garden
Must ride "becak kerlap-kerlip" around Alun - Alun Selatan
Having dinner at …

Get Featured : Living Loving

If you haven't heard of Living Loving yet, you should check out this Jakarta-based creative blog! As their tagline goes "for all things lovely", they surely do and share many awe inspiring things. I'm so honored to write some articles about my flea market adventure for them! Big …

My Secret Garden

I shouldn't have written this post nor show the pictures to you cause I would probably regret this, uncovering a secret place which has also (already) been my most favorite restaurant in Bandung, but I couldn't help myself from not sharing it with you. It's just too good to stay hidden…

Back To High School

Top: Pull & Bear. Polka dot Dress : H&M. Bag : Pasar Senen. Shoes : Topshop. Ring : London flea market.

Get Featured: Go Girl! April 2014

Thank you Go Girl! for featuring me in their magazine twice in a row! :)

Long Time No See (Part Two)

Kalau bisa diibaratkan sebagai seseorang, mungkin Bandung adalah seorang sahabat lama bagi saya. Sahabat lama yang sejak pertama kali bertemu, bahkan ketika belum mengenalnya, saya sudah tau bahwa saya akan merasa nyaman dengannya. Pertemuan pertama kami adalah sekitar tiga belas tahun yang lalu, …