April 27, 2011

A thousand dreams

Do you ever feel like you have too much dreams to be come true? Every second in every single day, they fill up your head over and over again. And right now all you want to do is just to make it all happen.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world

-Oscar Wilde

April 24, 2011

Scarf and Dress : Pasar Senen. Leather Jacket : H&M. Tights : Topshop. Bag : Guess. Heels : Zara. 

Location : Birdcage, Jakarta.

Photo by Irma Wahyuningrum 

April 22, 2011

take a BOW

What are needed to make a bow : a flannel. a glue. a needle. a thread. a scissor. a rubber. a brooch.

How to make it :

I cut out the bottom of the sweater to covering the rubber

And after I finish it, I can put the bow brooches wherever I want on my sweater. It looks better, huh?

April 19, 2011

Irish girl and Irish boy
Is all you need to break toys
That’s all you want
That’s all you need
For you I’ll bleed
Why can’t you see?

The Trees and The Wild - Irish Girl

April 16, 2011


Everyone must have gone through some days when they just want to stay at home or bedroom. Yap, lately I am fully wrapped up in my final thesis. It totally got me lazy to go outside my room until there is something important that force me to go. Sounds like I am genuinely in my comfort zone and it is gonna be really tough to beat. Sometimes I feel bored to do this routines. It seems like everyday I do exactly the same way to spend my day ; wake up - eat - practice piano - do the final thesis - bored - watch dvds - do the final thesis - eat - browsing internet - do the final thesis - sleep. Yet, I have no idea how I am supposed to do to make it more fun. Have you?

Graduation in October 2011

Graduate in July 2011

God is always be with us 

April 13, 2011

I love you Sunday song
The week's not yet begun
And everything is quiet
And it's always...
You and me always, and forever
You and me always, and forever
ba ba ba ba da ba, it was always
You and me always..

The Wannadies - You and Me Song

April 12, 2011

Jangan terlalu ambisius, jangan terlalu terburu-buru. Semuanya pasti bisa kamu dapatkan. Tetapi perlahan - lahan, bukan dalam waktu yang bersamaan. Buat prioritas dan fokus dulu dengan prioritas kamu itu.


April 10, 2011

The last fancy things : Juicy Couture's

My favorite perfumes : Miss Dior Cherie, Juicy Couture, Vera Wang Princess

April 09, 2011

... kemudian apabila kamu telah membulatkan tekad, maka bertawakallah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah menyukai orang-orang yang bertawakal kepada-Nya.


(QS. Ali ‘Imran [3]: 159)

April 08, 2011

The Artsy Jeddah

Then here we come to the last city I had visited before went back to Indonesia. By the time I arrived there, my first impression of Jeddah was "Waw! People in this city is no less creative than Jakarta's". I could say it because I saw many sculptures along my way to the Red Sea, such as globe, big bicycle (Indonesian called it as Sepeda Nabi Adam, because of its size that so big and even bigger than a bus), Al-Quran and many more. What make it more interesting is, the artists that made those sculptures were not only Arabian, but also from France, America and some other countries. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos of them.

Barnie's is another Starbucks in Arab

I can't imagine how tremendous and modern Abu Dhabi and Dubai are, while Jeddah, which is less modern than both of them, has many wealthy people. As far as I saw, there were plenty of beautiful big houses around the beach and also much more luxury cars than our people have in Jakarta, like Hummer, Jaguar and other kind of expensive cars.

 Arabic traffic signs  

Gazzaz, one of the most popular department stores in Arab

Any kind of kurmas
When you are going to Jeddah for the first time, people will always suggest you to visit the Red Sea, one of the popular seas, which is lying between Africa and Asia. For those who do not know why it is called "red sea", probably will expect to see a sea which filled with a red water. The fact is, it same like any other seas, filled with a blue water. It was called as a red sea, because there used to be a war between Firaun and Prophet Musa AS which caused many people were killed.   

Masjid Ar-Rahman or usually called with Masjid Terapung, because it is placed near the Red Sea