April 02, 2011

The Brightly Madinah (Part II)

Madinah is not only known for Masjid Nabawi and the graveyard of Prophet Muhammad SAW, but also  Masjid Quba, the first mosque in Islam's history.

My mom prayed at Quba Mosque

Cardigan, belt : Gaudi. Sunglasses : Gucci. Dress : Pasar Senen. Bag : Longchamp

I was in front of Jabal Uhud. This is the hill where the Battle of Uhud (Perang Uhud) happened.

I am absolutely in awe with the cuties from Arabian, Persian and Turkish. I couldn't hold myself to not catch their faces. These are the ones who were successfully catch through my camera.

Other than that, I also visited the Magnetic Mountain. The place where you can ride your car in highly speed without pushing the gas pedal. It was only discovered recently, about two years ago.

Another ice cream that I got when I was in the Magnetic Mountain

Rhapsy loves hanging on the tree and looking up to the blue sky and the enormous mountains

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