April 03, 2011

EAT much, PRAY hard, SHOP smartly

Pleasee, don't judge me as if I had any intention to shop during Umroh. To be honest, I didn't have a thought to shopping. I didn't even know if there is any branded shop there. What I had thought before I went Umroh is that I want to pray solemnly and think there is only mosques, restaurants and hotels...Until, I saw this H&M store in Madinah.

I was very excited when I saw this store. It was just a small shop, and only sell clothes for children. Luckily, there were some clothes for girl, which fitted me. And I picked this leather jacket. 

 I was totally happy and regretted nothing. Why? because I got it 50% less than its original price. Yeiiiyy! 

Well, I haven't finished yet. I still have two more awesome things that I got when I was in Mekkah and Jeddah. Just wait until I post them!

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