April 05, 2011

The Holy Mekkah

When I saw Mekkah for the first time, I was a little bit surprised. Well, maybe I was too underestimated it as if Mekkah only has Masjidil Haram and Ka'bah, and just surrounded by the hotel buildings. And I was totally wrong. Masjidil Haram is surrounded by many buildings that mostly are five star hotels connected with shopping centers which have some branded shops such as Body Shop, Topshop, Next, Debenhams and many more. Also, there are plenty of cafes, starting from House of Donuts, Cinnabon, Starbucks and the rest that I forgot what their names are. 

I really love this chocolate cinnamon from Cinnabon!

I was too dumbfounded when finally entering the Masjidil Haram, and saw Ka'bah standing in front of me. I felt beyond excited to see it directly through my eyes. And for my gratefulness, I realize tears were pouring down my cheeks. For those of you who already came there, maybe know how much grateful we are when finally in our God's land.

People were doing 'tawaf' ( walk surrounding Ka'bah for seven times)

Ka'bah, Gold chamfer and the grave yard of Prophet Ibrahim AS

An Arabian woman prayed to Ka'bah

The entrance door of Ka'bah

We also went to Padang Arafah, the place where people that doing hajj will throw jumroh and Jabal Rahmah, the place where Adam and Hawa met once they were in Earth.

The view to Padang Arafah from Jabal Rahmah

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