April 01, 2011

The Brightly Madinah

Haaaallllooooooo everyone! It feels good to come back and post in here again! Like I told you before, I was having a week getaway. There are lots of stories, photos and things to share with you.  Err, maybe it doesn't like as what you think, because what I did is not really kind of a holiday but more like a pilgrimage tourism. Yap, I was going to Madina, Makkah and Jeddah to had Umroh and anything that aimed for praying. Let's see what I got for youuu!

We arrived in Madinah at 10 am. It was a sunny morning and there was a cool breeze

Our first destination was Madinah. For those of you who are Muslim, must be know that it is the second holiest city in Islam, where there is the burial place of Prophet Muhammad SAW. At the first time I saw Masjid Nabawi, I was amazed by its splendid architecture. It's just so magnificent! Unfortunately, I couldn't take some photos of the architecture and condition inside the mosque. There are some different rules for men and women, and one of them is about bringing camera inside the mosque. While men are allowed to bring it, women aren't allowed.

The big "umbrellas" outside Masjid Nabawi to cover us from the burning sun. It is so wonderful, isn't it?

The old woman who was sitting on a wheelchair, was reading the Quran in the middle of the crowd  

One of the entrance doors of Masjid Nabawi.

One of the mosque's tower

What I love from Madina besides the amazing architecture, is the bright blue sky. The sky seems infinite, with the color gradation fused. Rhapsy was really excited to seize many things over her eyes!

Ice cream from Movenpick. You have to try it once you get there!

There are much enough restaurants that sell Indonesian food, so you don't have to worry if you don't like the Arabian ones

An Arabian pizza restaurant

There is no such perfection in this world, and also Madinah as one of the holy city, is not such a perfect place. One thing that I hate the most from this place is its dirty-frumpish-stinky public toilet. Yes, absolutely Indonesia also has many public toilets that often really uncomfortable for us. But Madinah has the ones that much worse than we have. I really have no idea why the Arabian government doesn't maintain it and let people feel like i-yuuwwhh every time they see how much worse the toilets looked.     

Chaplet, Quran, Bracelet, Scarf are lots sold there

The view of Masjid Nabawi  from the bedroom hotel that I stayed

At the end of  the evening, the umbrellas draw to a close and turn into the lamps


  1. Hi, kalo perempuan emang ga boleh bawa kamera masuk masjid krn rata2 wanita arab kan pake cadar. pas solat di masjid cadarnya kan pada dibuka,nah takutnya mereka kurang berkenan kalo diambil fotonya.

    Hope it helps


  2. oh gitu..okeoke makasi buat informasinya yaa :)

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