April 16, 2011


Everyone must have gone through some days when they just want to stay at home or bedroom. Yap, lately I am fully wrapped up in my final thesis. It totally got me lazy to go outside my room until there is something important that force me to go. Sounds like I am genuinely in my comfort zone and it is gonna be really tough to beat. Sometimes I feel bored to do this routines. It seems like everyday I do exactly the same way to spend my day ; wake up - eat - practice piano - do the final thesis - bored - watch dvds - do the final thesis - eat - browsing internet - do the final thesis - sleep. Yet, I have no idea how I am supposed to do to make it more fun. Have you?

Graduation in October 2011

Graduate in July 2011

God is always be with us 


  1. waaahh, sekarang bisa kirim komen yah? hehehe
    kan blogging pasti selalu jadi selingan yang menyenangkan dong..hehe
    God bless u, ozu :))

  2. hahaha iyaa akhirnya aku memutuskan buat membuka "komentar" ini. hehe. makasii ka shofaa :D