Shine A Light

Plaid Shirt: Unbranded. Cullot: Thrifted (Pasar Senen).  Bag: Unbranded. Shoes: Stradivarius.

On The Streets: Osaka

12.02 AM

Do you ever get to the point where you just want to crawl into bed and ignore the world until the time came to do it all over again? These days, every time I wake up, I feel empty... like a library without a single book, like a container without nothing inside. It is as if the blankness finds its w…

Take Me Away

Long Denim & Stripe Dress: Thrifted (Pasar Senen).  Shoes: Old Navy. Bag: Lacoste.

Oh, Hello Again Japan!

Hello good people. Hope you all are doing well! I'm back again with a little update of my trip to Japan three weeks ago. Maybe I'm too amazed to realise it's mid August already that led me to start writing about my trip before it's too late. Anyway, I couldn't possibly summaris…

I Don't Care

T-shirt: Pull & Bear. Stripe Long Sleeve: Thrifted.  Pants: Cotton Ink. Shoes: Stradivarius. Bag: Lacoste.

Konnichiwa, Nippon!