Keep My Fingers Crossed

Collar shirt: River Island. Handstooth blazer: Vintage. Maroon skinny: Red Herrings.  Boots: vintage Docmart.

In The Middle of Blahblahblahblah

There are times when your brain is overloaded and you are about to go crazy. What will be the first thing you do to save yourself? some people choose reading book, some people cooking, some people complaining on social media, some people watching film, some people playing music, some people sleepi…

Once Upon A Time

Welcome to the kingdom of far far away fairytale-like villages in England

Is there anyone need a place to stay?
If only I was a good painter, this place would be my favorite place to find inspiration 

My future house. Someday.
Lets play hide and seek
One thing I learned from this picture: you don't …

Surat Untuk Indonesia

Bournemouth, 17 Agustus 2013
Mungkin ini adalah surat pertama yang sengaja aku tulis tepat di  hari ulang tahunmu selama dua puluh dua tahun aku menjadi warga negaramu. Enggak. Kamu enggak akan mendengarkan kata - kata klise tentang seberapa besar rasa rindu seorang perantau sepertiku, atau melihat …

Yellow and Blue

(London) Summer Weekend

The fact that I'm living only two hours away from a nice city like London doesn’t hinder me from visiting it often. I remember the last time I came to see it for the purpose of entertainmentwas in last September, more specifically on my first week in England. I've always wanted to explore t…