August 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time

Welcome to the kingdom of far far away fairytale-like villages in England

Is there anyone need a place to stay?

If only I was a good painter, this place would be my favorite place to find inspiration 

My future house. Someday.

Lets play hide and seek

One thing I learned from this picture: you don't need a big yard to be happy

No matter tall and big man-made buildings are, they always seem small when compared to nature

Another dream comes true. See the yellow oilseed-rape fields with my very own eyes!

Don't underestimate old things. Even old cottages have solar panels now. 

Lavender and Kids. Two wonderful things entwined together 

One of the most favorite pictures I've taken so far


  1. BAGUS banget Zuuu.... Uni PENGEN banget ke flower/ wildflower fields kayak gini, cuman pada jauh gitu (2 - 4 jam-an), ka Ara ga mau nyetirnya huhu. Udah kebayang2x sunflowers, poppies, dll. Ini masih di sekitara Bournemouth semua ya? Dan bisa diraih dengan sepeda?

  2. Iyaa Uuun, ini masih di sekitar Bournemouth.. untung nya disini masih banyak flower fields gituu. bisa sihh kesana naik sepeda cuma karena waktu itu aku kesana brg sm temenku yang ga suka sepedaan jadinya aku naik kereta deh haha. yah sayang banget ka Ara ga mau nyetir.. atau ga naik kereta atau bus aja Uun kesananya *niat abis* wkwkwk

  3. aaah bagusnyaa, kapan ya bisa main main kesini hehehe :D

  4. ayo ayo, ajak rumah belajar main kesini hihihihi ;p

  5. aaamin, semoga bisa main kesana hahaha :p sampe kapan nih kak di sini?

  6. insya Allah sampai desember tahun ini Ghe. doain aja semuanya lancar yaa hehehe