August 06, 2013

(London) Summer Weekend

The fact that I'm living only two hours away from a nice city like London doesn’t hinder me from visiting it often. I remember the last time I came to see it for the purpose of entertainment was in last September, more specifically on my first week in England. I've always wanted to explore the city and already made a list of places to visit but then *ehm* the high expenses of this city has successfully beat my desire to come. Ever since, I’d always think twice whenever I want to visit it. And finally last month my urge to explore London reemerged. Besides, I never knew how London feels like under UK's sweltering weather. With some events and places that would be really nice to visit in summer, I decided to come back to this city. But this time, instead of visiting touristic places, I explore it as a local.

• Open Air Cinema 
The other day I found an article about an open air cinema in London, where people can watch selected movies in some of the coolest places in the city includes the rooftops. It made me curious and after checking out some of the open air cinemas (which all of them look so darn great), I finally chose the one that held by Rooftop Film Club. I must admit it was, with no intention to exaggerate, the greatest evening I've ever had in this city. It felt as if I was walking into a set of a music video or movie clip in which I could soak up the relaxing evening atmosphere in one of the London's rooftops, saw the first sunset in London with the city skyline as background, watch people talking, eat popcorns, drink lemonade, and just chillout. I don’t think I need to explain more as you can see it on the pictures below. For those of you planning to visit London in summer, I highly recommend you to try any of the open air cinema, especially this one in Peckham Rye. Good film, nice place, great experience. I also recommend buying the tickets in advance, because even the Londoners themselves are always crowding the place. 

We came a few hours before the film began

A super cute "drinks" booth
I figure it out that dock chairs do not always belong to beaches

No need to worry about any noises

Can you see the silhouette of London's skyline?

People were queueing at the drinks booth

Watching the sunset from the rooftop terrace

When the film was about to begin

• Dalston Junction
I never expected that the place where my friend lives is apparently one of the hypest district in London.  Not only does it has cool cafes and coffeeshops in abundance, but it is such a heaven for people who are fond of vintage and secondhand stuffs. What makes it even better is that they hold a garage sale once in a month and car boot sale on every Saturday and Sunday. Lucky me, I got the chance to attend both!

Having breakfast at Beyond Retro Cafe

Garage sale by The Stylist's Rail

Car boot sale at Princess May Primary School 

• Columbia Road Flowers Market •
I’d been wanting to visit Columbia Road Flowers Markets in the past two years, when I first discovered its existence through some London bloggers. Every time I saw pictures of it, I’d always remind myself to go there, at least once, before I go back home. And finally, my glorious Sunday morning in the first week of July was spent shooting admirable sights at the best flower market I've ever visited. I gasped in awe when I saw a sea of peonies, sun flowers, tulips, lavenders, and other kinds of beautiful flowers in various vibrant colors. I just couldn't stop myself from photo-ing and video-ing the lively atmosphere of the market, capturing the wonderful flowers and cute little shops in frames.

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