Another Dream Come True

I thanked God because everything that I have worked for, and all the sacrifices I have made over the past year had finally paid off. I'm officially MSc Tourism Management and Planning. Alhamdulillah :)

Get Featured in Kawanku

I know I'm such a corny person for getting shy when I see my photograph on a website or magazine. It becomes very strange for me when they call me a "fashion blogger", because I never and (actually) don't want to be considered as a fashion blogger. I just feel like my blog is not…
Dear God, if today I lose my hope please remind me that your plans are better than my dreams.

Andra Alodita

Posing In The Rain

Top: Vintage. Skirt: vintage Marks & Spencer. Bag: KAYNN. Shoes: Primark.

Where East Meets West

Feeling Good

Blue Shirt: New Look. Floral Jumpsuit: H&M. Belt: Pasar Senen. Bag: Topshop. Shoes: Arizona.

The Last Days of Summer

Catatan Di Bulan Agustus

Mungkin terlalu cepat untuk menyimpulkan bahwa bulan Agustus adalah bulan paling sibuk, melelahkan, dan juga paling berkesan sepanjang tahun ini. Tetapi saya rasa beberapa bulan ke depan enggak akan ada yang mengalahkan momen-momen yang terjadi di bulan ini. Mulai dari merasakan puasa dan lebaran …
Driving fast but I am nowhere I'm at home when I'm out there I speak louder when I'm silent I'm so confused 
Wipe the sleep from my eyes Wake up in another life I don't like planes But I love to fly, love to fly
 Yuna - Planes