I Feel Summer

Blue Shirt & Orange Skirt: New Look. Stripe Top: Pasar Senen. Necklace: Primark. Sunnies: Gucci. Bag: KAYNN. Sandals: Marks & Spencer.

A Place Called Home

There is something about the meaning of home that really intrigues me since couple of years ago. I have been trying to find it and now I finally come up with an unusual conclusion. It all started since I feel like the house I grew up and the city I was born and raised are no longer home for me; si…

A (Very) Late Post: New Forest Adventure

Lying on the beach in a sunny day is probably one of the most favorite things to do for people in here but me *ya know, England is well known for its rain shower and its unpredictable weather, so we really appreciate the sun*. So here's my confession: since I moved here, I only go to the beach…


Polkadot shirt & Skinny pants: River Island. Cardigan & Dress: Primark.
Shoes: vintage Docmart. Luggage: Bournemouth Vintage Market. Bag: River Island.

Angka, Kamera dan Perjalanan

"Grown-ups love figures.When you tell them you've made a new friend they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you "What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies? " Instead they demand "How old is h…

One Fine Day in Istanbul

Blazer: vintage Zara. White shirt: New Look. Tribal skirt: Primark. Necklace: Primark. Bag: Kaynn. Sandals: Marks & Spencer.

Postcard From Essaouira

An afternoon in the city of white walls and blue doors
 Straight through the lens
The sea of beautiful blue boats 
Lots of fresh fish!
A very busy little fishing port 
Bicycle or boat?

Colorful alley lamps hanging against walls

The traditional hammam (public bath)

I can never resist an alleyway
One of many …