July 23, 2013

A (Very) Late Post: New Forest Adventure

Lying on the beach in a sunny day is probably one of the most favorite things to do for people in here but me *ya know, England is well known for its rain shower and its unpredictable weather, so we really appreciate the sun*. So here's my confession: since I moved here, I only go to the beach when there is an event like BBQ party, accompany my friend or when I haven't been to the beach for a while. Apart from that, I prefer to go to other places near Bournemouth that I haven't visited before or simply doing activities that I rarely do in my daily days. I know I'm such a phony. But the thing is I just realized that I'm a typical person who easily awake and full of excitement whenever I go on adventure exploring new places, especially the ones that offer me rural life, green landscape, mountain, forest or just a numerous field of oilseeds, lavender and sunflowers.

I must admit that it's easier to go on adventure when I was in Indonesia as there are some of my friends who also love to go camping. But since I moved here, I can hardly found someone who keen to do that kind of activity. Fortunately, there is Novi, a friend of mine that I didn't know in the first place that she also loves to have adventure. We had always planned to cycling together but our plans always ended with no realization. Until few months ago, she asked me again to cycling in Bournemouth and I said why we just don't go a bit far from the town, then she replied me with "what about New Forest?". And without any doubt, I replied, "Let's gooooooooo!".

We took the train from Bournemouth to New Milton, and started our journey from there to Brockenhurst - Lymington - New Milton. The red Xs are the places where we stop for break. 

We are just ready to go on adventure!

Passing lots of beautiful houses

When we stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful surrounding

Needless to say, Spring makes everything look a whole lot prettier

Don't be surprised if you passing horses and cows beside the roads, 
because in here the animals have right of way on the roads

Caravan and camping site of New Forest

When we already entered the "forest"

Make sure you don't disturb any animals here

We fully rely on the cycling routes map

On the cycling map, there are numbers that act as markers to know where we are

Don't be tricked by the name. New Forest is not the name of a forest. It is a large area in the Southern England which comprises national park, forest and beautiful little villages. The thing is, I have always dreamed of cycling in a countryside where along the way I can see greenery landscape , hear birds tweeting, breathe a fresh air, admire beautiful village houses, meet cows, horses and any kind of (friendly) animals on the road, and the most important of all, feeling the peace of getting far far away from busy and boring (routine) life. So you can guess how excited was I! P.S: Our day become perfect when we attended the Spring Fayre which was beyond my expectation and then we unintentionally found the cutest secret garden cafe in town!

Our first stop: Spring Fayre in Brockenhurst

The pastel colors of Spring. Much much love!

Many cute children took part in face-painting

Besides the bazaar, there were other events such as drum workshops, bowling, soccer and other fun family activities

New Forest crafts

The colorful trade stands; Music performance by the locals

No wonder if there were lots of dogs because they had participated in a dog show

Definitely my favorite place to be!

Cuteness overload

Literally a Secret Garden 

English way of decorating

Victoria sponge cake and brownies. Nomness!

I could stay here for hours

We share our roads with cars. Fortunately there weren't many cars at that moment

These little dudes had amused me when I was so tired on the way back home

I'm a very proud owner, Lula!

See you on the next journey!


  1. yasalaam. brb pinjem pintu kemana sajanya doraemon.

  2. Kak bener-bener ya English countryside super-super-super lovely banget :''''' i can't wait to graduate and hopefully will be able to come here for my master study! :''')