Raindrops, Flowers & Friendship

Blue T-Shirt : Cotton On. Grey Pants : Forever 21. Shoes : Ruby. Bag : Oglea
Location : Taman Bunga Nusantara, Cipanas

Temptations on Friday Afternoon

I don’t like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness.

Karl Lagerfeld

In a place called HOME

Last weekend I went to my home in Jakarta. And here I snapped randomly some pictures. Please enjoy :*

My ordinary breakfast menu : 
a glass of milk and a slice of bread with strawberry jam or peanut butter over it
One of the ornaments from Paris. The old piano that already broken.
A kind of juice that…

People are fake, aren't they? aren't we?

Sometimes we better know nothing than know anything about what people think or even they do and talk behind us. For some reasons, their opinion is good for ourselves. It made us realize about our weaknesses that we had previously overlooked. But for other reasons, knowing beyond what can we hear wo…
And I’m surrounded by a million people, I still feel all alone I just wanna go home Let me go home
♪♫♪Michael Buble - Home♪♫♪

Back into memories.

Dress : Pasar Gasibu. Cardigan : Zara. Legging : Cotton Ink. Sandals : The Fly. Bag : Long Champ. 

All pictures taken in Alila Villas, Uluwatu, Bali.
I miss those sunny days. I miss those smell of sea water. I miss those wonderful places.  Anyone, please...take me there.  
Photo by me,  Quotes by The Wonder Years
After Brightspot successfully hit Jakarta with its innovative concept of market that selling many products from local designers in one place, then it came to Bandung that held Trademark on last week. I think I was expecting a wee bit more about it, in fact I could hold my desire to not buy anything…
Dress : Pull & Bear (gift from Fia). Bag : Day's & Smoothie (gift from Ica & Kocik).  Legging : Flashy. Shoes : Ruby.

Ican's : Brodo Footwear.
Sometimes the sun shines on other people’s houses and not mine.
Some days the clouds paint the sky all gray and it takes away my summertime.
Somehow the sun keeps shining upon you while I struggle to get mine.
If there’s a light in everybody, send out your ray of sunshine.

Jason Mraz,The Sunshine So…

Carreer in fashion? hmm.

My oldest sister, Chica, gave me one of my dreamy books, the Teen Vogue Hand Book : An Insider's Guide To Careers in Fashion, as her gift to my birthday. I received it on last week and hadn't enjoyed it (because of the painful incident that happened on my Nikon) until two days ago, when fi…