February 09, 2011

Carreer in fashion? hmm.

My oldest sister, Chica, gave me one of my dreamy books, the Teen Vogue Hand Book : An Insider's Guide To Careers in Fashion, as her gift to my birthday. I received it on last week and hadn't enjoyed it (because of the painful incident that happened on my Nikon) until two days ago, when finally I read it and no doubt to say it is quite amazing. There are many great stories come from those who get success on their own ways in fashion world, start from designers, stylists, make-up artists, models until fashion photographers! This book also give the readers some tips how to get success if we are planning to have a career in fashion and also some quotes from those inspiring people. Needless to say it is literally one of the teasers for me to procrastinate my final thesis! However, thanks a bunch for this lovely gift, sist! :*    

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