February 06, 2011

goodbye, Nikon D3000 :'(

Yesterday was totally horrible. if I could delete one day in this early 2011, it might be yesterday. At first, I was fooling myself. I tried to hold the temptation to buy anything that I don't need. It was perfectly done until I ended with an umbrella from Forever 21 which is not really important for me right now. Aaaarggh! It felt like I was being hypnotized for a moment till I paid it and realized how foolish I am. Solemnly, you shouldn't ever look around except the one which you are seeking for.

Another stupidity is about my forgetful and careless habits. Sometimes I wonder why I become easier to forget on my twenty! I was completely forgot about my camera until one and a half hour later when suddenly I remembered about something that I didn't bring by the time I went to movie. My camera had been left in musholla! and when I went back, there was nothing. I feel miserable like never before. It has been a long time since I omitted the things that much important for me. Nikon is one of my best friend which accompanied me, especially when I get down and feel bored to do anything. And now, I feel something is missing from me. May it looks so "dramaqueen". But, if you have something that really into you and you lose it, you will understand how miserable it feels.

Well, there is nothing I can do right now, but still pray to God that may those who found it are the good people and will bring it back to me.

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