Things are stuck in my head

These days, my mind is racing with every refreshment that could bring my mood back after I finished my final thesis. So surely I need to do it before I get stressed of thinking about my future.
Sometimes I'm tired being nice when people around me just bring me down. Feels like I want to disappear for a while from the crowd and come back after I can make a smile for them..Yeah, what do you expect from imperfect humans?

The Colorful Carnival

 Location : Bandung Carnival Land
Kegagalan, musibah dan kematian adalah tiga hal yang paling bisa menyadarkan kita sebagai manusia bahwa kita bukan siapa - siapa dan tidak memiliki apa - apa dibandingkan dengan kuasa yang dimiliki-Nya.

Pastelish ♥

Pink Dress : Pasar Senen. Blue Cardigan : Marks & Spencer. Love Necklace : Kidnapped Alley Love Ring : Forever 21. Shoes : Geox. Canvas Bag : Cotton On.

The Day

Today has been a very long day since I woke up this morning. Inevitably, I was a little bit disappointed from what happened today. But then, when I see those smile of people around me, I know it is not only about the result, but beyond that, which is more important, is the process. I couldn't b…

Days in Sunny June

Model : Irma Wahyuningrum Location : Taman Monas, Jakarta
“Since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better.” –Simon Raven