January 31, 2013

January's Review

Like many other people, I was so excited to see UK's first snow of the year

I finally decided to make an Instagram account (I know it's sooo last year), 
to post the pictures from my phone and also those from my camera 
which I don't upload on my blog

Another solo backpacking. This time I went to Bath and Bristol.

It's been 3 months since I join Zumba class. It's my most favorite class as I can learn Salsa, 
Flamenco and even Oppa-gangnam-style dance at the same time

So surprised to see the amount of likes and reblogs

I get my first part-time job. Wish me luck!

January 29, 2013

i give clues, you guess the cities

Houses in Royal Victoria Park

The Assembly Rooms 

Guildhall Market 

It's obvious, isn't it?

Pulteney Bridge and Riverside Walk

Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights is one of the best independent bookstores in the city

The most famous Roman Bath in England

The second city has been known for its street art and graffiti 

It has St Nicholas Market which was named as one of the ten best markets in UK

A Unique Miniature City in M Shed Museum

Department of Music, University of Bristol

The Clifton Suspension Bridge 

January 28, 2013

Coat : Dorothy Perkins. Shirt : New Look. Maroon Skinny Jeans : Red Herring.
Jumper : New Look. Bag : KAYNN. Boots : Pull & Bear. 

January 22, 2013

They Say,

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to be over. 
It's about how to dance in the rain. 

January 20, 2013

A Late Post

It's been almost two months since I went to Canterbury and honestly, I lost my mood to tell you about it. If it's not because of this was my first solo trip, there are some interesting places to talk about, and also because this week I haven't been so busy yet with assignments, I'm definitely gonna skip this one. 

I know I can't be so proud of myself for having this first solo backpacking. There may be some of you who have already done it, and even go much further yet longer than me. At least, let me tell you that this is the trip when I become more certain that traveling alone is a kind of travel that fit me best, especially right now. It is also the time when I started to be more confident to do other solo traveling.  The backpacker hostel that I chose has a fabulous service and I can say that staying in the same room with other backpackers is not that scary or bad as what people see. Instead, I had a great time there. I met, talk with new people and even watched movies together in the living room.  

The dormitory room female in Kipps Backpackers Hostel 

The breakfast (there were also some breads and juices) 

One side of the kitchen. Tidy, clean and filled with some cute stuffs. What more could one ask for?

The living room. Sooo cozy!

Why Canterbury? it was basically the same reason with the one that led me to Rye. I found it when I once stumbled upon Tumblr and at that moment I was interested with the most popular lane, the Butchery Lane. You can see it as the first picture on the previous post about Canterbury, in which there was a lane with a church as their background. My friend also recommend me to go there because it has one of the biggest and famous cathedral in UK, Canterbury Cathedral, which is also a part of the world heritage site. I also found some other interesting things in this town, namely, their permanent farmers market, fascinating streets and a beautiful view along the river.

I try to not miss any opportunity to see either vintage or farmers market whenever I visit new places. It's hard, though. Sometimes, I come in wrong time so that I miss a chance to see them (most markets are held only on Saturdays or Sundays). I almost miss to see it in Canterbury until I found that they also have the other indoor farmers market which open from Tuesdays to Sundays. I was so happy and my excitement got even higher when I saw it is more impressive than I expected. If Jakarta has The Goods Dept as one of the most hippest places that selling local products, Canterbury has The Goods Shed as one of the coolest farmers markets I've been to.