January 31, 2013

January's Review

Like many other people, I was so excited to see UK's first snow of the year

I finally decided to make an Instagram account (I know it's sooo last year), 
to post the pictures from my phone and also those from my camera 
which I don't upload on my blog

Another solo backpacking. This time I went to Bath and Bristol.

It's been 3 months since I join Zumba class. It's my most favorite class as I can learn Salsa, 
Flamenco and even Oppa-gangnam-style dance at the same time

So surprised to see the amount of likes and reblogs

I get my first part-time job. Wish me luck!


  1. Halo mbak, aku tau blog ini dari streethijab. Bagus blognya. *mau telusuri sampai bawah ah* :D

    Salam kenal.


  2. hallo Lady. makasi yaa udah ngunjungin blog saya :)