Bandung Culinary

Bandung has definitely become the second home for me since I no longer consider myself as a tourist whenever I visit it. Sometimes having two cities as your home is advantageous, especially when you want to escape to one city to get away from the other one. But you have to face the fact that after…


Photo by Me
Everything has its own place in time and everyone has their own time to spread their wings. Always believe that beautiful things come to those who wait.

Between The Trees

Jeans : 16 DS. Top : Ciel. Bag : KAYNN.  Cape : Forever 21. Shoes : Topshop.

Dieng Plateau

I don't know if you're anything like me, but when I get the choice on a vacation, I can hardly decide where to go, whether traveling to get some cold fresh air in mountainous areas or the hot ones in white sandy beaches. It's because I find myself as a typical person who fair enough to…

No Light, No Light.

Necklace , White Ring : (X)S.M.L. Bag : KAYNN (gift from Ican). Top, Pants : ITC Kuningan.