November 19, 2014

Kualitas diri seseorang bisa dilihat dari seberapa banyak ucapan dan perbuatannya berjalan beriringan. Ketika seorang dewasa memutuskan untuk berjalan, maka dia harus berjalan. Ketika seorang lelaki memutuskan untuk berlari, maka dia harus berlari. Ketika seorang wanita memutuskan untuk terbang, maka dia harus terbang. Karena kualitas akan menentukan seberapa layak manusia diperjuangkan, kualitas menentukan seberapa layak manusia dipercaya. Ya, dipercaya.

November 16, 2014

Autumn Picnic in The Boston Garden

Whenever I visit a new city, I will always put its park or public space on my list. But this time, before I even said it, my sister had initiated to take us to the Boston Public Garden and packed a simple picnic there. It may not be as popular as Central Park or Hyde Park, but I can pretty much guarantee that you will love it as much as I do. The atmosphere was really alive and friendly. People seemed to enjoy their activities in the park, whether having a picnic, reading books, chasing bubbles, sitting down on the benches, feeding the ducks, strolling around looking at the variety plants and flowers, or just watching it all. A must visit while in Boston!

Children love chasing the bubbles and I love watching them 

The grass was almost all covered with autumn leaves 

Now I spotted a piece of Parisian building

We sure had a good time there! 

"Make Way for Ducklings" Sculpture

Khalif seemed so excited seeing the garden from his binoculars 

Some leaves were turning yellow, some were changing red, and some others stay green

Squirrel was everywhere, searching and collecting acorns for winter

While my sister was taking care of Azka…

My brother-in-law was taking care of Khalif 

The garden pond. Did you spot the swans?

*sesekali mejeng bolehlah yaa* :p

Such a pleasant view! 

The garden is also a good place for couples  

 In front of the George Washington statue

November 10, 2014

Long Distance Call

I'm far gone but your long distance call
And your capital letters keep me asking for more
Where to go I had no idea about it
Most of the people do, they're only doing just fine
I don't wanna stay in place no more, see
Ain't doing well, well, well, I am only doing just fine

Long time no see, long time no say
Got little to tell, I don't say much but I might
Something always told me us two would be serious
I am looking around town, thinking the same as you

Long Distance Call - Phoenix

November 07, 2014

Shit Happens, Act Tough & Get Over It

Sweater: Unbranded. Peach shirt: thrifted. 
Oversized Blazer: vintage Dorothy Perkins.
Skinny: H&M. Shoes: Topshop. Bag: Zara.

November 06, 2014

Boston: The City for Happy People

It's a Saturday morning in Boston, and a slight coolness from the autumn breeze that we felt at the first time we arrived was slowly replaced by a warm comforting air. There was such an oddly intimate feeling as I look around, but still in doubt of it. The not-so-eye-catching Starbucks across the street from Boston Public Park was the first place we went after arriving in the city. Well, the truth is, we were a bit desperate for the toilet cause there was no sign of a public toilet. And then we suddenly saw the S that we know for sure it has a toilet that we could use (though we ended up buying some yummy doughnuts and lemon cakes to fill our hungry tummies :p). After we finish our businesses, the park is a real good place to start the day. As my sister's plan, we had a lovely picnic at the park. I love everything that this park has and I'm gonna tell you the reasons in the other post!

One day was hardly enough to know this city. At a glance, I can safely say that Boston is a happy city. Even though it was weekend when most people were supposed to go outside, the streets were not jam-packed. I'm also grateful because the weather was so nice, and probably because of that, people were happy too! The street musicians were playing Bob Dylan at the square, kids were running here and there, young people were eating their lunches that they had purchased from the happening food trucks, elderly were talking with their spouses, friends or families while sipping their hot lattes in cafes. It seems like I could see the glow of happiness on everybody's faces! I don't know why, it just makes me really happy.

Can't get enough of the most popular cupcakes in the states, the Georgetown Cupcakes!

Now you know from whom I got the "ala-ala foto model" gene :p

The Beacon Hill, a place in Boston that most feels like England  

If there's one thing about Boston I kept thinking after I visited it, this is the place where I could feel a piece of England in the states. The European architectural styles are neatly placed between the modern ones, the browny colored buildings are spotted in almost every corner of the city, the gorgeous public library that reminds me a lot of Oxford (I wish I had more time to browse and read books here!), and even I can't put this into a proper explanation, somehow the urban design and pedestrian of the city look similar with some cities in England. But, on top of it all is the Beacon Hill, a charming place  which is also known as one of the most expensive neighborhood in Boston. Thanks to autumn, cause it makes everything more dramatic. The fallen leaves that lie scattered on the cobblestoned streets, the elegant townhouses with colorful vine covering the walls, and the cute gas lamps that stand under the leafless trees. Everything was homey and I was overwhelmed with nostalgia.

Let me not forget to mention that we also went to the three of Ivy League universities: MIT, Harvard and Brown University (this one is actually located in Providence). While at MIT we only went to the Great Dome, we arrived at Harvard when it was raining and after dark. Still I was like "wow" by each of them. I just hope that one day, I will be able to go there again. Cause you still have many more sides to be explored, B :)

Oh, doesn't it look so lovely?

Boston Public Library. Too cute!

The Great Dome of MIT

Cozy evening at Harvard Yard