I always love Roller-coaster. The speed, the high, the stress.  But I think I have had enough to ride it and ready to get off, then take merry go round to calm me down. 
We can try, we can plan, we can pray, we can hope.
But the rest is back to God's plan.  All we have to do is take it open heartedly and believe it is the best thing for us.    Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

My Lazy Song ♪ ♫ ♪

Biscuit pie and a cup of hot tea is a perfect couple to make me feel relaxed

After a month it has been standing on the bookshelf, today I decided to continue reading it.

Seeing Bandung from another lens, a binocular's one!

I need another shawl to warm me up in this insanely freezing weather


When I'm feeling blue

Dress : Pasar Senen. Ring : Kandura. Lipstick : YSL

♪ ♫ ♪ When I'm feeling blue
I close my eyes and think of you ♪ ♫ ♪
- Travis
Honey, this is what happens when you fall in love. You‘re looking at a natural disaster. Emm, but it will be gone someday and everything will be back to normal. Isn't it?

DYS Fashional

Yesterday I decided to take a break for a while and go outside. At first, I didn't have any idea where should I be spending my Saturday, the only day before I had to resume to my "normal activity". Lucky me, when I read the newspaper this morning, I saw an article of some events in Ja…
Top : Missoni. Suspender : Pasar Senen. Pants : Zara. Oxford Shoes : Reshoppe. Bag : Handmade. 
Photo by : Ican Location : Museum Mandiri, Kota Tua Jakarta

Take me to the sky

It's been a really busy couple of weeks and keep going until everything is finished. To be perfectly honest, I would love to share my problems. But every time I want to complain, there is always a voice in my mind said like "hey you! don't you realize that you are one of million people…
Here is some great combination of typography and cinematography for commercial videos for Education First : Live The Language which were shot in Paris, London, Barcelona and Beijing. You might really enjoy these short videos and they will not only make you want to head there, but also inspire you t…