January 16, 2011

Since I was sick, I have been too lazy to continue posting about my last two days when I was in Singapore. And today I got my mood back! Horeey! However, in this fourth day of my vacation in Singapore, I had seized many wonderful things. Most of them are some things related to decoration. Yeah, now I totally consider that decoration is another part of mine aside from photography, fashion and music. I am soooo much in love with it!

Shoes : Rubi

I was spending the day with myself. It was because my family went to Universal Studios where I was ever go there before. So, I rather went around the city alone than spent my day with laying on the hotel bed and watching the television. Like I told you before, my thought was rarely go wrong. It was such an amazing day with much of unforgettable experiences!

Singapore Art Museum was my first destination. I had been so curious about it and I was satisfied for visiting this artsy place. These are the things which really intrigued me!

Trans Cool Tokyo. My favorite ones!

As a matter of fact, there are many other fascinating things, but I couldn't post them all in my blog. So, the next  thing that caught my eyes is an artistic restaurant near the museum, which I noticed since I saw it.

Food For Thought is its name. 

After lunch, I was keeping on my day trip to other places in my list. Thank God, I had the MRT map and GPS in my Blackberry which were so helpful to direct me from one district to another. In this time, I went to China Town to visit one place that made me so curious.

Some fancy things in China Town

After walked a little bit far from Chinatown MRT, finally I found this place which I had seek before. Woods in the Books. Perhaps you think that I am so silly wasting my time only for visiting this book store which maybe I could find the similar one in Jakarta or Bandung. But I was so curious to see it straight from my shoulder since I had found it in magazine and saw their website. 

 The bookstore looks from outside the door

It's not like many other bookstores that I know. The books are exclusive and moreover, the decoration is incredible. They could make the limit space to be a cozy one. Grievously, they are not allow people to take photograph inside the store. But you can still see what's inside the shop from their blog or website. I didn't buy the books because they only sell the ones for children. So, I just bought these lovely postcard and greeting card.

The fourth place, which is the last destination before I went to Orchard Road is Wanderlust Hotel in Little India.

What I love from this hotel is also about its extraordinary room decoration. Although I couldn't see the room directly, in some measure I could see the decoration of its classy restaurant.

If you are curious to see how their amazing rooms are, then I will give some spoilers about the rooms. These photos were copied from their official website. You can also look many others picture from it.

And we eventually arrived in the end of the day, when I went back to hotel and ended my day with spent the last time in Orchard.  

As my story finished, I should go to sleep now. Have a good night, fellas! :)

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