Conveying a sense of place with your photography will vary depending on your own interests and is a personal thing. The secret is to avoid taking the same pictures as everyone else. It is try to convey what a destination means to you. This allows you to create pictures that are more personal, and communicate your vision of the world to anyone who sees them. 

An article in Garuda Indonesia Colours Magazine


  1. Ahhh maybe that's why your blog photos are so alive. You don't take the same picture as anyone else would do :)
    *kebayang ane kalo foto di deket Eiffel ya paling foto muka latar belakangnya Eiffel hahahahaa*

    thanks for sharing Ozu!

    1. ahhaha mba Tiananda (dipanggilnya apa nih mba? hehe)
      gapapa sih mba, kan preferensi orang beda-beda. ini aku juga comot dari artikel di majalah aja hihi X))

  2. And I am agree with you (again) LOL
    Just take from your own preferences, even when take a photo :)


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