Bandung Culinary

Bandung has definitely become the second home for me since I no longer consider myself as a tourist whenever I visit it. Sometimes having two cities as your home is advantageous, especially when you want to escape to one city to get away from the other one. But you have to face the fact that after you're familiar with a city, there are fewer and fewer places where you can find and do something new. For instance, like, factory outlets, local brand stores, family attractions, Dago Pakar and natural sites in Bandung have become boring. For me, the only interesting things it left behind are memories, great foods and brand new restaurants. 

Chocolate cheese bread at Roti Gempol

A kind of Korean noodle

Bibimbap (egg, vegetables and rice)

Some Korean appetizers at Tudari Restaurant

Where are we going is probably the most frequent question that would come out when me and my boyfriend spend our time together in Bandung. It seems like we face the same condition as the one we have in Jakarta, we don't know what else this city could offer us except for the fashionable concept stores, good movies and short events. Since then, trying a new kind of food or restaurant that we've never tried before is somewhat a real refreshment for us.
Here are some recommended foods from both the old and new restaurants in Bandung that we've tasted lately. Since I never good at making a review either for films, books or even foods, I won't review every food that I posted here. All I can say is, whether sweet snack, spicy meal, Asian, western, it's all worth the try.

Mix Fire Fondue at Cafe Du Chocolate 

White Plate Red Velvet at Hartwood

Iga Sapi Cabe Rawit

Some foods at Rumah Makan Legoh 

Dark Chocolate Layer Cake at Fabric

Escargot at Fabric