Graduation Day (Part Two)

Attending my graduation is one of the few moments in my life when I won't have to pretend to be happy. Although it's not quite as exciting as my bachelor's graduation, I could still enjoy the day. A lovely family, good people and nice weather were enough to brighten up my day, though I wish my father, my sister and my best friends were there too.

Truth to be told, I'm filled with a mixture of happiness and sadness. Being graduated means that I'm carrying a burden that is much bigger than before; means that I have to take the responsibility to ensure that the knowledge that I learned will be useable. Being graduated reminds me of the future; what kind of challenges might lie ahead. The saddest part of it all is, the fact that another (old) chapter in my life will end while another (new) chapter will begin soon, means that I have to adapt again to new circumstance.

Special thanks to Anggit for taking this picture

With my favorite lecturer and supervisor, Steven Richard 

Here I want to give my special thanks to Steven Richard as the best supervisor that has guided me until now; my parents, Ayah Bunda, my brothers and sisters; Unicha, Abang Ardha, Ali & Gladyzka, and Ican, for the support they gave me during my one year in University.