First Destination: Derbyshire & Peak District

If you are a fan of cakes, tarts and puddings, then this cute little town must be put on your travel list

The infamous yet delicious Bakewell pudding

  There are many kind of plants at Chatsworth Garden, and this grapeyard is my favorite one.

The amazing architecture of Chatsworth House

I just couldn't stop myself taking picture of this breathtaking view of Chatsworth House and Garden

Market Hall in Derby

I felt like I was transported to Lion King 

The most beautiful library I've ever seen (at Chatsworth House)


  1. great blog, great story and great picture. there's a lot of meaning at every picture that you are taken.

    salam kenal Nazura Gulfira, i'm a blogger too. kalo gak keberatan boleh mampir keblog saya,

    it's nice to wait your new story :)

    1. hallo Novita! salam kenal juga yaa. thanks for reading my blog. so glad to know that :)

      anyway, you have a nice blog too. keep it up! hehe.

  2. Is that Mr. Darcy's house? :D
    Your photographs are so lovely! I wish I could study in CCA London someday and visit all the great places which I watched on movies
    x Aisyah


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