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Please excuse the boring-looking blog, consider this as a silent moment for this girl who has piles of thoughts yet is unable to write even a single words but sigh. As you'll know if you have been reading my blog lately, I have been feeling muddle-headed for these couple of weeks. I know it doesn't seem like the good behavior I could think of, so I'm trying to divert the negativity and confusion to any other thing that would spread happiness on this blog.

One instant way to boost my mood is remembering the happy times, which I normally get when I listen to a mixtape I made at certain moments in my life. The problem I have with music is that it could only invoke a memory of specific moment and scene in my mind, but was unable to recall the time or place. Thus, I also looking at photographs of happy times which helps make those memories more vivid. I open folders on my laptop that contain pictures that I have taken over the last couple years, until I see the ones when I was in UK. To be honest, I'm not a person who loves remembering my past life and stuck in it. But seeing those hundreds of thousands of pictures I took while I was living there, makes me realize that there's still a lot of pictures and stories that haven't been shared on the blog. Then a thought suddenly came across my mind, to keep posting about UK especially those places that remain untold.

Living in England awakened me to the rather obvious fact that I don't always have to go too far from the place I live in order to make a great trip. Instead, it is exciting to explore my own neighborhood! I can safely say that one of the reasons Bournemouth is a well located place to live is because it's surrounded by lovely towns and villages. Corfe Castle is one of those places that well worth the visit, and more to the point, if you want to travel back to the medieval era. Apart from its well known castle, the village itself is my favorite part. I develop a fascination toward it by visiting twice. On the first trip, I went there with Tyan to satisfy our curiosity about this village and the other neighborhood town called Swanage. The first trip also include steam train ride from Swanage to Corfe Castle. Because it was my first experience, I was happy at that time. But after experiencing the other steam locomotive that I had in Yorkshire, I can honestly say this is the worse one. The scenery is not that interesting and the price is also expensive for that short route. The only thing that makes me grateful of taking the train is that it took me to the cutest station which is vintagely set up as it would have looked in the 1950's. 

On the second trip, I went there with Tri, a friend of mine who came to visit me from London. But guess what, instead of getting bored, I was so excited because it looks more beautiful in summer! Also, we accidentally found a beautiful field full of wild flowers and a backyard which had a lot of flowers pots!


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