October 15, 2010


It's such a been longer since I wrote the latest post in here. I am going to get really lazy with posting for a while now, besides there are many assignments that made me crazy if I'm not finishing them quickly. and still, they are waiting for me to finish them after I write this post! :(

Well, last Saturday there was a big event which held by the students from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. They named it Pasar Seni ITB, and only happens once in every four years!


The magnificent decorations were made inside the campus either along the Ganeca road

Many famous artists also participating to show off their artworks 

I wondered of how could they make the car framework from the buttons! 
it's one of my favorite part, though


P.S : believe me, your face looks more foolish when you took it right on there, Sir!  :p


I heart this creatively painted Vespa!


Even the gas cylinders were hung precisely perfect

 Each thing was made with different meaning and purpose 

 The festival was very crowded

This is also my favorite part, the Bicy-hill!

 Festival is the right time to show off your truly style. 
you can never go wrong to bring it out!

I'm totally supporting the Anti Plastic Bag campaign!

Beside the astonish artwork and decoration, there were also 
 many fascinating stuffs that made me couldn't keep the money stay on my wallet!

I'm with my stylish girls 


and...the day was ended with the beautiful kites flying in the exquisite evening sky,
see you in the next four years! 

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