December 25, 2010

twenty (days) to twenty (years)

Today is 25th of December.
While Christian people celebrating Christmas, I am counting down my twenty days left before my age turns to twenty years. It seems usual for other people who already went to twenty something. But for me, it is a special year. Not like most people, in this 20 year I will come into the other part of life, when I have to choose and decide my future by my own hands. Either being a career woman or continue my study to have a master degree, both are still beyond of my imagination. I have to adapt (again) with not only the new world that I have never known yet, but also the environment, people and habit. Honestly, it makes me sick whenever I think about it.
Trying not so afraid to think about it, there are some wishes that I wish to fulfill one year ahead :
  • Graduated in July or at least October 2011
  • Getting thinner (not so important thing to be wished, huh? but I wish it really bad at this time)
  • Driving well
  • Better English (both speaking and writing)
  • Better to play piano
  • Seeing the other part of the world (Europe or America will be good)
  • Making a video in which me as a director
  • Already now what things that fit best for me (take a job or study master degree, fashion or urban and regional planning?)
  • Speak Sunda well (I have been living in Bandung for almost 4 years, but still cannot speak Sunda well. What ashamed!)
  • More DIY, less shopping
  • Be a person who will always be grateful of life 
  • Expand mind and horizon by doing the new challenges
Hopefully, all wishes will be granted in my twenty. Wish me luck :)

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